Free Internet Explorer


Private Internet Network Service

with Dongmin Kim

With this web browser called ʻFree Internet Explorerʼ, users can access the websites which can be only accessed with this web browser. The data exchanges between users do not get monitored by anyone. This system is on the idea of ʻFree Internet Movementʼ.

ʻFree Internet Movementʼ has introduced to neutralize and free the Internet. The Internet is not just a mean of communication, but an archive of informations about mankind. Thus, every human being has the right to be connected to the Internet and the right to access all data on the Internet. Also, the Internet must not be exploited for a specific groupʼs profit. This idea liberates our digital world from the existing systems, which inhibit peopleʼs digital conciousness. Users can access the website ʻMake the Internet Free Againʼ through ʻFree Internet Explorerʼ. In this website, users can share their opinions and thoughts about ʻFree Internet Movementʼ on the forum.

There is a religious group called ʻSynchronized Peopleʼs Paradiseʼ. This group believes that the Internet itself is the god and the paradise of humanity. They are also a sect of ʻFree Internet Movementʼ which gathered religious color within. They believe that people should enrich the Internet as much as they can and that uploading oneʼs digitally scanned brain on the Internet is the ascendance to the paradise. Users can also access the website of ʻSynchronized Peopleʼs Paradiseʼ through ʻFree Internet Explorerʼ.

Jongmin 'sakemin' Jung

Art & Technology at Sogang Univ.

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